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Modern Uses and the Social Impacts of the Service of Internet

By amirvk Jul 25, 2012 666 Words
Nowadays, the usage of internet is rapidly spreading. Advanced and breakthrough technology that are growing very fast in the new generations drives us to gain knowledge about it. Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the U.K. had once said, "If you don't see the internet as an opportunity, it will become a threat. In two or three year's time, the internet will become as commonplace in the office as the telephone." Likewise, in my point of view of the internet usage today, although everyone believes that using it is exceedingly useful, many lacks to perceive its dark side.

There are a great deal of things how the internet could be of use to one. One major reason why the internet is convenient is due to the fact that it saves time and money, and there are countless ways of how the internet could do this. One can save time due to the ease to research and find a variety of data, by connecting to people in their life, for example through e-mail or social networking websites and also by learning about events, such as current events, weather,and other news before it even hits the newspapers. Saving money which is, today, an essential aspect of surviving can also be done in many ways. For example, the ease of access to information which is another advantage of the internet service, make its cheaper to search for information online, rather than purchasing a book, which in fact may seem to be outdated. In today's post-modern era, this may as well show us that the internet is a highly used educational tool. There is merely any topic that can't be accessed over the internet. Another major advantage is the wide exposure to the world the internet provides one. The more the time spent on the internet, the greater their online and real world empathy,or ability to understand and relate to others and to things one may never have thought about before, almost just like an experience of traveling around the world. Furthermore, it gives one the ability to reach out to a large audience. More than just making it easier keeping in touch with family, friends, colleagues, etc, it gives one the freedom of speech. One can express themselves of who they are. Moreover, the internet can pleasure people through entertainment, an essential aspect of life, and online shopping.

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages as well, that one should take into consideration. One of the most significant disadvantages incurred from the service of internet is the reliability of information provided on it. For many, it may be hard to tell whether the information given is either true or false, and also many may miss out on important information. Another disadvantage incurred, are the health related issues, both physical and psychological. Physical problems may consist of poor eyesight, obesity and back pains caused due to long hours online, while the psychological impacts includes the fact that it alters the social behavior, habits, and abilities of people. Especially children are often badly influenced by the internet. There are various inappropriate website, containing inappropriate information, that play accomplice. This fact leads us to another disadvantage which is, also considered an advantage, the freedom of speech that many tend to misuse. Although today there many government regulations and policies, in my opinion, there may be little they can do or may be doing. Last, but not the least, the internet, as proven by many, can be very addictive to one. Many prefer to waste time on the internet, rather than indulging themselves on other extra-curricular activities. It can also be associated with the health related problems that occurs as a result of addiction to the internet.

Overall, even though the benefits of using the internet may outweigh its drawbacks, such drawbacks are not negligible and ought to be considered by every single person who make use of the internet on their daily life.

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