Modern Trends in Tourism

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As per UNWTO (United Nations World tourism organization) the word “tourism”, is described as follows: "Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes." When considering the history of tourism, it can be seen as an activity which the affluent took part in. The word tourist was used by 1772 and tourism by 1811. The Grand Tour for example was an activity that young, affluent European men took part in to travel across Europe and gain knowledge and be cultured. Leisure travel came into play with the industrial revolution and Thomas Cook was one of the pioneers in offering tourism products at this stage. Today the tourism industry plays a vital role in the economy as well as in the society. Organizations such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization and even local governmental bodies such as Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau stand testimony to its importance. Furthermore many industries have come to revolve around the tourism industry and it has become a job generator in the market.

Change is inevitable. Since the time of the Grand Tour the lifestyle, the attitudes and society as a whole has changed, and this in turn has vastly affected the tourism industry. Certain factors that have brought about this change include social media platforms, globalization, life style changes, demographics, price-value etc. It is undeniable that with the introduction of the internet, that the whole world has become a global village. The life on the other side of our planet can be easily accessed through the www. However man by nature is an insatiable creature and his thirst cannot be merely quenched by the virtual side of it. Social media platforms also intensify this feeling by creating a network. Furthermore individuals today lead a very busy lifestyle where leisure time is a limited pleasure. Companies now grant their employees with a certain period where it is mandatory that they refrain from working, owing to the health condition risks involves. During these snatches of time people seek refuge in resting or in doing something different. The taste of something different brings back the zest in their lives. Tourism and travel was a very costly matter in the past which is why it was limited to the affluent of the society. However today, the case is much different as there are budget air lines and low cost motels etc. which have been designed to attract the middle classed society who seek to experience voyages, yet are not sufficiently rich to do it in high style. With changes such as those mentioned above various forms of tourism have come into play. They are important in the sustenance of the tourism industry as a whole. Some of them are as follows: •Accessible tourism

Adventure tourism
Eco tourism
Rural tourism
Health/Medical Tourism
Space tourism
Sustainable tourism
LGBT Tourism

The above types of tourism are a few trends which have been located on the growing market of the tourism industry and they are rapidly increasing in popularity.

Accessible Tourism

The world trend today pays a lot of attention towards equal rights and the differently abled are taken into consideration. Modern buildings are specific towards the needs of such people and accessible tourism is involved in making tourism a friendly experience towards them. According to ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism, accessible tourism includes: •Barrier-free destinations: infrastructure and facilities •Transport: by air, land and sea, suitable for all users

High quality services: delivered by trained staff
Activities, exhibits, attractions: allowing participation in tourism by everyone •Marketing, booking systems, web sites & services: information accessible to all Accessible tourism is a...

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