Modern Technology: Necessity or Luxury

Topics: Mobile phone, Xbox 360 Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Both, their necessary luxuries. I feel these ( cell phones, televisions, computers ) materialistic

luxuries have become a necessity in a huge percentage of the human population. Television has been

around since the late 1800's and since then its been a necessity to have. Our generation are being born

to a television in the household. This has trained us from birth to know that if it's a home it has a

television. And if it does'nt. Why?

Nowadays television has become a luxury. Everyone wants the best television. The biggest

television. I for one am a size seeker when shopping for a television. I want the best looking television

there is with a booming surround sound system with a built in playstation 3 and xbox 360. I'de want the

screen to be at least 100 inches with a black shinny base & going down the side of the t.v theirs two

slots, one for the playstation games and one for the xbox 360 games. Over each slot theirs the logo of

the system over it. And two censor controllers for each system.

Cell phones have also become a necessity over time. The first cell phones were luxury cause not

everyone could afford one. They were big and bulky. But if you owned one, you were considered as

someone important. Then came smaller models of the cell phone. Then came the styles. By then

everybody was hooked to mobile communications. No more rushing home cause you might miss an

important call. No more pens exploding in your pocket. Cause before their were cell phones their were

pens. Over the years cell phones have become a necessity due to the world changing. Children carry

mobile devices for protection. People use and need them for business purposes. There are many

different reasons for needing a cell phone these days. So yes cell phones are somewhat a necessity.

Computers are defenitely a necessity. What would we do without them? There has always been

\computers as far as I know. We need them to...
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