Modern Technology Is Both a Curse and a Blessing

Topics: Science, Clock, Time Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: June 2, 2013
The first computer was invented about fifty years ago. Nowadays, new Smartphone, notebooks, tablets are created almost every day. Moreover we use more and more technology for our daily life: vacuum, sprinkler system, alarm clock, to name only a few. Furthermore, robots have already replaced humans for some kind of work. Could it be that these new machines harm us more than they facilitate our lives? We are going to try to set forth both sides of tomorrow’s technology.

Today people are often confronted with the problem of unemployment due to the improvement of technology which enables to develop robots increasingly fast, accurate and specific to the required work. People more and more claim that robots are stealing their jobs. It must also be said that modern technology can induce dependence. Obviously among the world population, the number of computer addicted people is increasing. Moreover a link between violent video games and killing spree has already been made. Even though there are also other kinds of computer dependencies. Facebook, as an example, steals our time. We spend hours on refreshing the page to see if friends have uploaded new photos or articles.

However there are also some positive points to consider. Firstly, modern technology has doubtless increased progress in medicine. Thanks to these improvements, it’s much easier to make scans than fifty years ago. Thus tumors can be identified much earlier. As a result, mortality is decreasing. In addition to this, we save time due to today’s technology. Indeed, how is our happiness, when after a long day of work, we can just put our dishes in the dishwasher and read a book instead of taking time in washing it by hand.

We have established that modern technology has its benefits and disadvantages. All in all, I think that modern technology is either a blessing as long as we don’t abuse it. In my opinion, there are some limits we should place, so that the world will never be controlled by...
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