Modern Technology

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“Modern Technology has improved our quality of life”

Modern technology is the use of machines etc to improve our standards of living such as non-materialistic qualities of life (healthcare, education etc) or materialistic qualities of life such as the use of smartphones etc.

Modern technology has greatly improved our quality of life through the invention of medical technology to provide better and cleaner healthcare services such as the defibrillator and the X-Ray machine.

Both the defibrillator and the X-Ray machine are now commonly used medical tools to help people all around the world improve their quality of healthcare causing the average number of years to increase. For example, Singapore’s life expectancy has increased on an average of 10 years over the last 3 years from 72 in 1980 to 82 in 1983 with the advancement of medical technology. Not only that, the plague that happened from the 1348 to 1350, caused an estimated 450 million deaths worldwide and ever since modern technology such as advanced healthcare has been introduced, another deadly and highly contagious disease, SARS has only killed 774 and was controlled quickly and effectively with the invention of X-Rays and surgery. Lastly, before the invention of insulin, which is considered a form of modern technology, diabetes was a feared disease as it most certainly leads to death. And after the invention of insulin, the death toll of diabetes is 10% of the entire nation a drastic reduction in the number of deaths, hence improving our quality of life and therefore, I agree that modern technology has improved our quality of life.

Secondly, modern technology has improved our quality of life by allowing ease of communication with the invention of smartphones, tablets and even smart watches.

Modern technology like mobile phones as well as laptops have improved the people's level of comfort, which in turn improves their quality of life. As before the invention of the laptop, people had to...
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