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Topics: Technology, Technological evolution, Time Pages: 5 (1721 words) Published: January 30, 2014
Defines the word technology as "the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society and the environment. In the minute it took me to open up the internet, google dictionary, be given the link for and search "technology", it has saved me looking at numerous amounts of "te" words. Some may call it lacy but I'd prefer to call it more convenient and that really is what technology is built on: convenience. No doubt, you have been subject to spending countless hours in front of the computer screen, whether it be online gaming, social networking or, in between uncontrollable laughs, searching the best of YouTube.  

Throughout the duration of our short lives we have seen the development from gameboys to nintendo DS, PlayStation into PS3, and XBox into XBox Kinect. All of which have served as purposeful instruments for great amusement and fun. Such consoles nowadays go that extra mile and provide exercise programs like Wii Fit. Allowing the busier beings of society to still meet their required 30 minutes of daily exercise.  

Extensive technological advancements have made it possible to verse friends or strangers in our favourite games online, as many COD lovers would know. The options today are endless and one should never feel bored with so much technology accessible, with countless applications, games and websites providing challenges and entertainment - 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.  

For many Gen Y and Z'ers, it is impossible to imagine searching through countless stacks of books, scouring pages for snippets of information to complete assignments and homework. Today we are lucky enough to open up an Internet tab and Google or Yahoo away and in less than a second we are handed copious amounts of relevant information.  

Nearly everyone is a proud owner of some form of technology whether it is a mobile phone, iPod, television, laptop or desktop computer. Times have changed and it is evident in today's kindergartens where some children are being educated through iPads rather than on chalkboards.  

One of the greatest influences that technology has on our adolescent lives other than for entertainment purposes is the learning factor it possesses. With schools such as ours allowing us to use word documents rather than notebooks, it has definitely lightened the loads for us all...  

With YouTube being the second most used search engine available in the world, it not only delivers hilarious entertainment bit is also a main supplier of short documentaries and informative programs. Technology has altered the way "us kids" are being taught. It has transformed countless hours studying from a book into online, interactive websites accessible whenever the help is required.  

Technology's role in society today has a major impact on our overall sense of living and that is why in the 21st century, it is offered as a subject. The three of us who study Information and Technology as an elective have witnessed, ourselves, the relationship of "Technology and the Media." This term consisted of first learning the basics of image editing and furthermore digitally enhancing a photo to change the overall appearance of our selected image. It has allowed for us to change the way we perceive magazine covers and billboard images, questioning whether or not it has undergone retouching. The truth is that, come the end of the day, technology in recent years has not only benefitted our learning styles, techniques and the quality of work we put forward, but the convenience in which help is always readily available in some way, shape or form.  

"OMG, you heard, did you see what they uploaded, wait? No you haven't, one second; let me just upload it to your wall; you got it? Wow, that was fast, talk about convenience."  
Today, technology influences our every move. It is the basis of our global society and without it we would spiral back to the ages...
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