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In Partial fulfillment
Of the requirements for the degree

___________________________________________________________________________________ BY:

Glenford Fiecas
Joshua Ron Javier
Keth Cyrel Suriaga
Mark Lyoid Orsolino
James Portalio
Menard Nardo

We are now in the world where information has become a Primary raw material. Different people, faraway places are now only a speck of dust. As information continue to boost its ability and transportation speed up to the highest level and reached even to the corner of the world, changes is unpredictable. Modern trends immune people, especially to the student of teenage Years, high-tech Gadgets, like Cellphones, Computers, Tablets, Netbook, and Laptop, contributes bigger to modern education nowadays. Besides of disadvantages of these trends, many students love it and considered it as a part of their life. No one could claim that Technology is almost our life and the basis of our daily living. Student have their own Cellphone, some of them are computer Literate too. These modern trends infected the lifestyle of the students. Even when it comes to style of mingling with their classmates as well as the other students, was influence by modern Trends. Speaking style, Dressing, Flirting, and personality became modern. When it comes to the Classroom, Teachers now use the Modern style of discussion. Assignments were done through internet. Hence this Trend brings much advantage it does not mean that this will do good forever. Some student may get addicted to the modern gadgets. This also can changes the mind setting of the student. It could be the cause of misunderstanding between one another because of the competitions of their own styles. Personalities in Television were idolized by many students that are why the character of that personality in TV may be followed by the students and may Cause boastfulness. In this dilemma of modern world, gender Sensitivity were scattered, gays and lesbians became trending, and because adolescence or teenage years suffers identity and role Confusion crisis, they might be curious of what role they should Stand in the society in school. When it comes to learning capacity, with this modern trend it’s good that they can learn fast, and too bad for those who cannot get the essence of the discussions. The student’s attitude is the major target when this Trends bring bad influences.

Statement of the problem
In this research paper, the researcher tried to find out the Effects of modern trends to the student life in Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School. Importance of the study
1. This study will show the effects of modern trends in terms of the student’s: A. Learning habit.
B. Mind setting
C. Socialization
D. Communications style
2. To the teachers, this will give them a little bit of realization on how to facilitate their student properly and to give advice on the Student on how to use and apply modern trends appropriately. Definition of terms

1. Learning Habit - A habit from the standpoint of psychology is a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing or feeling Acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.
2. Mind setting –A particular way of thinking, a person’s attitude or set of opinions about something -A mental attitude or inclination
-A fixed state of mind

3. Socialization –a life-long process of inheriting and disseminating norms, customs and ideologies, providing an individual with the skills and habits necessary for. -Process by which individuals acquired in the knowledge, language, social skills, and value to conform to norms and roles required for integration into a group-it is a combination of both self-imposed,(because the individual wants to conform)externally imposed rules and the expectations of the others.

4. Person to person Communication
-Involving direct communication or contact between persons. -of or relating to a long-distance telephone call placed through an operator in which charger start when the appropriate party answers -the way you communicate has a big impact on how you get on with people and get the things you want. Good communication skills can help you avoid conflict and solve problems- they are also important for making friends and having healthy relationship.

Scope and limitation of the study

This research was only conducted to the student of Manuel I. Santos Memorial National High School for school year 2014-2015.It only focuses on the effects of modern trends to the student life. Since high school students are all in teenage years, we’re all tried to apply our study with them.


Modern trends can change the mind setting of the students. It can also change their personality. Their attitude is the major target when this trend brings bad Influences.

Scope and limitation of the study

This research was only conducted to the student of Manuel I. Santos

Memorial National High School for school year 2014-2015.It only focuses

on the effects of modern trends to the student life.Since high school students

are all in teenage years,we’re all tried to apply our study with them.


Modern trends can change the mindsetting of the students.

It can also change their personality.

Their attitude is the major target when this trends bring bad


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