Modern Systems Analysis

Topics: Requirements analysis, Software requirements, Non-functional requirement Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: May 4, 2013
1) The five activities of a systems analysis are: gathering detailed information, defining requirements, prioritize requirements, develop user-interface dialogs and evaluate requirements with users. The gathering of detailed information involves preparing the interviews, observing business processes, researching vendors etc. The defining requirements is about modeling functional and non-functional requirements. Prioritize requirements is where you decide what is important to the company vs. something that would be nice to have for the company. Develop user-interface is how the flow of the interaction is between the user and the system. Finally, evaluate requirements with users is where you get the users involved, and acquire their feedback.

2) The three different types of Models are: Enterprise Data Model, Logical Data Model and Physical Data Model.

3) The difference between functional requirements and non functional requirements are that functional requirements specifies how the system or application should do, where in a non-functional requirement, it specifies how the system or application should be. A few examples of a functional requirement are: Authentication and business rules while non functional requirements are: Performance, Reliability and Security.

4) The main steps required for preparing an interview are: establish the objective for the interview, determine the correct users to be involved, build a list of questions and issues to be discussed. The main steps required during an interview are: to always arrive on time, to look for exceptions and error conditions, probe for details and take thorough notes. The main steps required for after an interview are: review notes for accuracy and completeness, to transfer information to appropriate models and documents, to identify areas needing further clarification and to thank the participant.

5) The benefits of doing vendor research during information gathering activities is to see...
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