Modern Studies

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To what extent has the government made progress in reducing education and health inequalities?
In South Africa, clear evidence of progress can be seen in the matriculation. In 1994 less that 50% BSA passed their finl exam. This had improved a fair bit as in 2003 70% passed. However, by 2010 it had fallen back to about 60%. Again significant inequalities remain between the richest and poorest provinces in WC. In Western Cape the pass rate in 2009 was over 75%. In comparison Limpopo was less than 50% showing that despite progress inequalities still remain.
Further evidence of improvement can be seen in the infrastructure. In 2002 almost 40% of schools didn't have access to water. Results show improvement was made as in 2009 there was under 10% of schools with no water. In 2002, 40% of schools didn't have electricity. However, in 2009 just under 20% of schools had no electricity. Although progress has been made, 61% of schools still have no adequate sanitation which again shows the inequalities between the rich and the poor.
Evidence shows that education is progressing well as more youngsters are completing grade 9 now a days. It went from 80% in 2003 to 88% in 2010. There are also more children successfully completing their grade 12. Over 24% are now qualifying for university entrance. Progress has been made to the provision of learning and teaching support material giving to schools through-out South Africa. Over six-million workbooks and 24-million books in all South African languages were distributed to schools this year. Also, the government made progress by ensuring free schooling and school meals reached as many poor schools as possible. Currently, over eight-million learners in more than 80% of public schools were benefiting from the no-fee policy. For example, the majority in the Limpopo, Free State and Eastern Cape provinces.
More evidence of improvement can be seen in health care. Since 1994 more than 1600 clinics have been built or improved. There is

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