Modern Society

Topics: Sociology, Caste, Family Pages: 4 (1370 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Modern society which is very complex and often contradictory has its origin in the ancient times as far back as 4000 years ago. Deeply rooted in spirituality, yet having equal attraction towards materialism, sometimes leading to unethical behaviour, inclination and commitment towards science, logic and reason, yet superstitious practices are rampant. Untouchability has been constitutionally abolished and caste and community based discrimination banned, its practice is common and it is a major tool of vote-bank politics in India. Thus, Indian society presents a contradictory picture and can be seen in the perspective of a society in the process of continued change or flux. Social change is a broader term which implies change in infrastructure, facilities and their distribution, change in thought, attitude and behaviour of the people, change in faith, culture, tradition and living styles, etc. Change is a natural inevitable process which continues in every age and will continue to happen even in future. Social infrastructure, cultural, attitudinal and behavioural changes do not remain static. They continuously change with the passage of time. It is the result of this natural process of change that life underwent sea change from the Stone Age to the Computer Age. Social change basically constitutes a transformation at all level of thought, behaviour and action that does not presuppose either a strict positive or negative impact. In fact, the impact cannot be confined to one direction only. Indeed the change has both positive and negative impact which may lead the society towards progress or regression. Social change is not a sudden process. It is a gradual process which takes lots of time to happen. Neither is it the result of any single factor. It is the result of so many factors which include demographic, technological, political, economic, cultural and legal. Generally, social conflict, growth and expansion and knowledge and scientific and technological...
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