Modern Marine Nco

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Family, Non-commissioned officer Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: September 23, 2010
“The Modern Marine NCO”
The modern Marine NCO is the true embodiment of the Corps history because they embrace the past and pave the way for the future Marine NCOs. They respect the traditions and their brothers as they should their own parents. They are loyal to all that is important to them and the Corps. They understand that they must trust their men and be able to be trusted by them as well.

In order for a family unit to be successful there must be a certain level of respect. One may not always agree with his parental figure but will respect them. In a small unit the Marine NCO is that father figure to those placed under his charge. “A unit, regardless of size, is a disciplined family structure, with similar relationships based on a mutual respect among others.” The NCO or father figure must show his men the respects that he demands from them. While being the strong father figure the NCO must also gain knowledge and wisdom from those who are senior to him. He must not only give orders and supervise but be able to take orders and criticism.

“A Marine should never lie, cheat, or steal from a fellow Marine or fail to come to his aid in a time of need.” The Marine NCO is forever loyal to his self, his men, his Corps and his country. He remembers where he comes from and the struggles and triumphs he has endured to become the Marine he is today. He will be there for his men from their smallest issues in garrison through the most detrimental battles in war. He remembers what the NCOs before him have done and sets the bar for the NCOs that will follow in his steps tomorrow and every day after him. He always remembers that nothing he does is for himself but for his country and those who livelihood depend on his unwavering loyalty to this nation, the Corps and most importantly his fellow brothers.

In order for the Marine NCO to effectively lead his troops into battle they must trust each other with their lives. When a trusted NCO gives an order no matter how...
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