modern life is more fun

Topics: WANT, Change Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: November 29, 2013
Modern Life is more fun

“Enjoy your life, be whatever you want to be and earn money on the way you want to earn it” Modern life is the way we live now. It includes everything we want and even more. And it’s a real pleasure to life today. The best thing is that it improves every day. Today we use a lot of things but everybody knows that tomorrow we’ll have more. Also, some people joking like “today we have this, so tomorrow it wouldn’t be new anymore”. And they are right, technologies at the highest level. Today we can be anyone and everywhere. If we will compare modern life with life that was before we’ll see how many things changed, almost everything. At first, the government and the way of living, because the government changed their political views and today you have your voice and you can choose. People used to live and do their job like they have to. For example, there were more doctors, teachers etc. nowadays people do what they want and all we want is to have more money and do nothing, so there’s amount of people who want to be an actors, singers. A lot of people do business today. Modern life is easier and simpler than old life. And of course more fun. Now we know it, and we live enjoying every day. All the technologies, cars, clothes and food were changed. Today we are using slim television with hundred channels on it but in the past people only had few channels and it didn’t work twenty-four as today. But all these things changed because of human. All people want to improve their life to be more interesting, more fun and easier. So, I they make their life the way they want to see it. And of course, the main thing that changed is also, human. We create this world and change it so we’re changing our views and ourselves too. We might don’t see this but we do. There are a lot of examples, people no longer trust to each other, the person's behavior and all their life. Kazakhstan’s modern life today is on the European level but it’s wasn’t so at the...
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