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Topics: Leadership, Management, Path-goal theory Pages: 1 (628 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Path-Goal Theory
This is one of many types of modern approaches to leadership. It is where leaders try to motivate their followers in order to achieve agreed goals. In order for followers to achieve the set goals, leaders must be able to motivate followers and help build their confidence towards reaching the goals. It is heavily focused on employee satisfaction and their input towards their job which, in turn, will motivate them to achieve more. This is a perfect example to show that leadership does not start from the top then down and in fact, shows cooperation between leaders and followers from bottom then up. In other words, it exists in all management levels. Path-goal theory initially occurred in the 1970’s; inspired by the work of Martin G Evans (1970), Robert House (1971), House of Dessler (1974), and House and Mitchell (1974). (Northhouse,2013). The use of path-goal theory means that any obstacle in the way of achieving a set goal will be removed by the leaders which makes it more satisfying and motivates the subordinates. The path towards the goal will be attempted to be made clear and support also being provided which is in favour of the followers, therefore leading to satisfaction and increase in morale. There are various types of leader behaviours where each and every type has an impact on the follower’s motivation. Directive leadership is one of them and this is where leaders are instructive towards their followers about their duties, what is involved, how they should be carried out and the deadline for when it should be done by. This must be made as clear and as understandable as possible for the followers. Supportive leadership is another type of behaviour where leaders must be attentive and helpful and make work more enjoyable for subordinates. Participative leadership is where leaders involve followers in making decisions by taking into consideration their ideas and viewpoints. Leaders will want the best possible results from...
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