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Robert J. De Filippi II

Hello Professor and class,

The internet really has made miracles come true. It has helped others open businesses or even open online businesses, and many have been successful. It can be hard, getting all of the legal documents and work done in order to open a business, but then you have the geniuses at to help you make your business legal and assists you with any documents that you may need help with filing or filling out, and many other things. Some people think that everything that one does can be displayed on the internet. I am not sure that I am 100 percent on board with that. Granted, there is A LOT of things that you do online that can come up in something as simple as a Google search, but then again, how much of that information is made up and how much of it is true. Even though you are referring to a state website to get information, does that necessarily make it true?

About a year ago, I was with some friends who decided to make some really dumb decisions, and instead of leaving, I stayed with them, and I ended up getting in trouble, also. These charges are a Grand Larceny and a Burglary! I would never do either of those, yet I was being criminally charged for them. When you google my name, the charges come up, but the charges were Not Processed or (Nolle Prosque)[Sp]? Yet they are still under my name. I have to have an attorney expunge them, and they can be since they were dropped by the state.

Anyhow, how valid is that web-site that states that I have those charges on my record? Not too reliable if you are trying to get an accurate report. That is where I stand with this. How reliable are the sources that are on the internet, and how do we know if they are valid or not? I think that the answer relies on the person asking the question. Are you one to just believe what you see, or are you one to second guess something that you hear.

We can refer to the...
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