Modern Hero

Topics: United States, Martin Luther King, Jr., Hero Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: May 5, 2013
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Everyone thinks they should be considered a modern hero. It’s insane because many of our modern day citizens have taken part in the community to serve and help others, other than those who serve in the military. The people have set standards for their modern hero such as, great ideas for the people, believe in your achievements prior to their task and, take full responsibility for all actions involved around them. A hero isn’t just named, a hero is a given the key to be followed by others. A hero, what does that mean to you? With being a hero, it is a known fact that all heroes have great ideas and must have the people on their side. Everyone have ideas but could they act on them. Showing that you’re a keen personal and is always on your toes when it comes to great ideas for the community, then you’re on the road of becoming a hero. Every hero must have determination and willing to complete such task. So put your thinking cap on and pave a way to a better world. Not only must you have great ideas but to believe in your achievements. To become a great hero people must see that you’re believable and that you will do all that wouldn’t harm them. I could say that presidents are a great example for this. They are like heroes because we elect someone with great ideas and determination to keep the United States together no matter what comes are way. So it’s great to believe in all u do, because without it there is no hope for a better future. You should also remember to be a hero you should be prepared for those who are against you. Everyone knows drama tends to follow you along with history. You will always have a group of people against your ideas regardless if it’s good or not. So be prepared to fight and take responsibility of all that goes around you. There are many examples of altercation that affected many of our heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr. So be able to keep your problems on check while showing the people that you can handle...
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