Modern Gadgets Have Made Us Slaves

Topics: Human, Present, Health Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: April 15, 2011
Since the beginning of civilization man has been making things for his use, like tools etc. As the civilization progressed, man’s effort also increased to make various gadgets. How ever, the speed of making various gadgets got increased

The fastest in 20 century in European countries. The present time are basically the times of machines. Everything from a tiny needle to highly advance space technology is done through numberless and complex machinery. It wouldn’t be out of place to mention that life today is zero if machines i.e. gadgets are taken out of it for a moment.

Ironically, modern gadgets have made us slaves to machines. From doing kitchen to higher ones in industrial units all depends on machines. This all has made the modern man a slave to these gadgets. Consequently, human health has deteriorated to a larger extent. All know that physical labor is very necessary for good health. Perspiration due to physical health helps a lot to maintain the human body perfectly tuned. But the dependence on various gadgets have increased various diseases. The new generation is growing physically weak and suffers strong diseases unheard of in the past. Incidentally the more we become dependent on machine, the weaker we become. Our forefathers used to walk miles and miles but today we need a vehicle to cover a few 100 meters.

Thus aspect of human life has made man fully prone to moral the deterioration. Therefore, today man has become a machine – emotionless and devoid of mercy, pity, peace etc  
Modern Gadgets have made us slaves to machines
Modern gadgets have made us complete slaves to machines. There is no work which cannot be done without the assistance of machines. There is not a single area of human activity where machines don’t have to be used. No one can deny the fact that gadgets have not only simplified our lives but also made them more comfortable and luxurious. But, on the contrary, man’s dependence on them has increased so much that we just...
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