Modern Family

Topics: Family, Marriage, Television Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Modern Family
The show “Modern Family” is one of the most successful sitcom on television today. The show depicts a total of three families, a parental family, (Jay and Gloria) and the families of the two grown siblings, (Mitchell & Claire). Claire is married to Phil and has three children of their own, while Mitchell is a gay father with a live-in husband, Cameron. The on-screen worldview of the families are very open with an almost anything goes attitude that is based on an atheist or an agnostics perspective. The limited amount of shows that I watched did not display any references to God. The family values portrayed the “New Normal”, that is currently being offered on many new television shows. On the show, I witnessed a lot of light-hearted moments that made fun of the life choices that each character made, and how different characters resolved them. The comedy is situational, and dilemmas faced are often real-life, but offer whimsical, light-hearted solutions. The shows worldview is secular, but adheres to defining the “New Normal” in its application. The three families all interact with each other and depict three different types of households, all coping with everyday problems that define that particular group. When dealing with gay issues, Mitchel and Cameron are in the fore front offering an exaggerated look and perspective. Family issues are addressed by Phil and Claire, and how they interact with parenting of their three children. Jay and Gloria deal with life from viewpoint of an aging father, who marries a younger woman, who is currently pregnant with his child. The shows core values are loosely interwoven with standards and practices that suggest an anything is “OK” attitude, which would be expressed by secular humanist. Observations of this show are based on my own personal up-bring and how we handled different situations in our lives. My Christian parents would not have been so excepting of two men living together. Our family believed that...
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