Modern Families

Topics: Family, Divorce, Marriage Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: February 23, 2014

Divorce And Lone Parent Families

The divorce rate in Scotland and Britain is inclining quite rapidly. New right politicians do not like this. They want it this sort of attitude towards marriage and nuclear families erased from modern day society and it to be more of a traditional arrangement with marriage, the fact that when you get married you get married for good and you love the person you are with, in some extreme cases, new wing politicians may say that the women will always obey the man and everything he says will be right and the best thing to do is to not fight back or argue because the man has every right to punish them for doing so. Obviously nowadays this is unacceptable and they would be absolutely correct but old fashioned way of doing things is not the bad part, it is just the extremity that some new right (conservative) politicians will go to. There is also a opposing side to Conservatives, these people are known as Liberals or Feminists, they support women’s rights and the fact women can stand up for themselves and are not 2nd class citizens compared to men. Their protests were so strong that they influenced the government and changed the law thus changing the perspective of women from a lower class citizen to equal citizens as men; altogether a more fair and equal frame of mind.

Divorce is becoming a bigger and bigger problem as the drop in nuclear families is increasing and the rise in lone parent families are rising due to divorce and feminist women being less tolerant of men and are being very careful on who they settle down with, in my opinion, too careful.

The divorce rate is rising, in 2010 it was the first rise in divorce rates for seven years! Rising up 4.9% since 2003. more and more divorces are getting carried out for numerous reasons; the extreme ones are wife beating, and some of the less reported are just expectations of marriage being let down or the common one,the financial demand is simply too big to hold up a...
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