Modern Employment and the Changing World

Topics: Employment, Technology, Church of the Nazarene Pages: 2 (276 words) Published: October 22, 2013

Modern Employment and the Changing World
Holly Parker
Eastern Nazarene College

BS 375 Industrial Relations


For my research article this week I chose to do something that caught my eye in a magazine. The article is called “The Five Must Have Qualities of The Modern Employee”, (Jacob Morgan, Forbes Magazine 2013). I found the writing quite interesting and somewhat helpful, seeing I will be pursuing a job in the business field soon. I am also a computer assistant at the college I work for and the times are changing as fast as the computer updates. I believe it will be crucial for any company to keep up with these ever changing times, and be in the know how about these modern employment strategies.

The article mentions that it is not just the employers who must reach this state of the art edge to compete with other businesses, it’s also the employees. With new technologies and changing times, especially in the world of computers in the workplace, employers as well as employees, should keep these 5 qualities in mind. It my opinion this also helps when hiring and promoting employees according to their technological knowledge. Hiring these types of tech savvy individuals would give a company a better edge then a company without these.

So here are the five must haves for the modern employee according to Forbes Magazine and contributor Jacob Morgan. 1. Embrace Change
2. Have a voice in your company.
3. Be autonomous.
4. Share and help others.
5. Filter and focus.
These 5 things will help organizations to adapt to changes in behavior and technology.
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J. Morgan, Forbes Magazine 2013 The Five Must...

Bibliography: J. Morgan, Forbes Magazine 2013 The Five Must Haves of The Modern Employee
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