Modern Electronics and Todays' Youth

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Modern Electronics and Todays' Youth

Jojade S. Garbiles

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Problem of the Study
The researcher of this study wants to know if how electronics affects the lives of the people specially the youth. And by that, it becomes the problem of this term paper. To learn if what are the connections of electronics in any different form such as media, gadgets and so many other. This problem of the study would also be associated with the different characteristics of the youth that became the market of the electronic companies. the study would also tackle the different advantages of electronics in every aspect of life of a youth. Such as on their education, on their physical fitness, its effect on the social life of the youth. The study would also cover the disadvantage electronics on the physical, emotional, mental and social well-being of a youth. Also it will cover the solutions on this disadvantages that the youth acquire from electronic products. Purpose of the Study

Electronics plays a very vital role in the lives of all the people nowadays. Due to the improvement of things brought about of electronics our life becomes more comfortable and easier. But with these advantages given to us by electronics are the disadvantages to all the people specially the youth. In this research we are going to learn the relation of electronics to the lives of the youths today. In this research paper I focus my study to the youth because of some reasons. First, we all know that youths are the main target market of the companies making electronic products. It maybe because the youth don’t prefer to be left beside of the latest trending gadgets. They also became the market of those companies for the reason that they know that the youth easily fall on addiction with this kind of thing.

Youth of today always long for enjoyment. And one more reason why youth became the target of those companies is that youth get bored faster of the things they had. Its been already normal that if what is the latest version of the different gadgets, they wanted to have it in just a snap of a second. This had been also my topic for the purpose that I am an Electronics and Communication Engineering student and I wanted to know if what kind product he must invest and produce that would not cause any harm on youths’ life. Another purpose of this study is to open the eye of the youth in reality. This saying made by Dr. Jose Rizal, our hero, might be so old, Youth is the Hope of our Fatherland,” but how could this be possible if the youth he was referring for are already addicted to the electronic gadgets.

I. Electronics Defined
A. History
Electronics is one of the most important branches of science till date. With its advancement the world has completely changed into a different thing. It has given a complete make-over to our life, from being a sluggish one to a rapid fast life. It has influenced our life in each and every way. From the time we wake up in the morning till the night when we go to bed. Electronics is touching our life in every aspect. We use them for all purpose, either as a necessity, or just for the entertainment purpose, for example television, MP3, iPods, etc.

If we go back into the history of electronics, then we will come to know that there were three major components in electronics. The first was Vacuum tubes, which was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in the year 1883. He made the invention when he discovered that through vacuum, electrons can flow from one metal conductor to another. Later this discovery was given the term of Edison effect. With the invention of vacuum tube it became possible to manipulate the electrical energy; hence they were used for transmitting and amplifying purposes. In those days, the vacuum tubes were used to be very big in size, which easily gets heated-up. After the invention of vacuum tubes, in the year 1904, John Fleming invented a two...

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