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Modern Day Holden (Catcher in the Rye)

By lailarayborn Jan 27, 2013 1327 Words
A Modern Day Holden
As that bell went off I thought to myself, Finally I can leave this class of ignorant children who are all just self –centered and fake. I collected my books together and placed my binder away in my backpack, I was the last to leave that damn classroom so I decided to politely say goodbye to my teacher, since good manners always give you a good look to the teacher. I walked out and felt the warm air on my skin; damn I thought to myself this is winter for Christ sakes! Why is it so hot? Well that’s what happens when you live in the sweet state of Southern California. I walked alone to my locker like I always do always keeping my head down for some reason. I don’t look up a lot when I’m alone for some reason usually just when I feel in the zone of my music if I am listening to anything on my i-Pod. As I’m walking through the hallways to get to the “K Hall” I just take my time and take the longest route there since the hall is only about 3 feet wide and all these stupid kids decide to stand there and cause a huge traffic jam. I just want to get a giant fire hose that those fire men use and blast all my so called “piers” all away so I can get to my little crumby bottom locker. For the past two years I’ve had a bottom locker, and I think its ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. As I got there the annoying two legged creatures finally started walking away and moving to their lunch spots; finally I can get to my locker and unload all these heavy books and just grab my lunch and soccer bag. I closed my locker and got up to leave when suddenly, “Hey! Wait up! What’s up! ?” I thought to myself Crap, I don’t want to talk to you, and you’re just another fake who uses me for homework. Well guess what the next words out of her mouth were? “Hi Laila! Can I borrow your homework? I was busy last night with my boyfriend and did no homework” she said. “Umm, sure.” I reply in a very monotone.

For Christ- sakes why would you have a boyfriend when you are practically failing all of your classes? You might be rich, but seriously everyone’s just thinking of you as a girl who gets around with all these guys. I pulled my papers out and handed her the paper, and finally walked away to go and sit with the few people I can really trust and call my true friends. Though before I get there I again have to walk through more people that go to my school. I pass by the freshman lockers now, they all seem so clueless and ignorant; well not all of them, since they are new and can learn its easy to teach them to just follow the right ways and not be so small minded about things. Next come the seniors to my right, they all think they are so superior but to be honest I just think they are too cocky. Well not all seniors again, just the ones that all sit over there, but then again I don’t know their life stories or who they are so I wouldn’t exactly know. Even though they have that look where you could just tell they have all already been through so much and I don’t mean emotionally at all, I mean getting drunk, getting high, having sex to girls who they have absolutely no respect for and just think they have a nice a*s or big breasts. It really sickens me. I’ve met few guys who were actually caring about girls, well women since we are all supposedly “grown up and mature” in high school. Right, that’s just straight b-s and they really need to cut the crap and face the reality of these kids. They all aren’t as good as you think they are, but there’s always those other good kids which are usually just the ones that focus on work and small things entertain them like for example video games. When I say video games, I mean a true gamer, not just some kid with jelled up hair and a rat tail who sag their pants so much you can see their butt that plays “Modern Warfare”. I mean kids who dedicate their time to play and think of new cheats, codes and hacks to get in, mainly geeks. I adore people like that for some weird reason, I think its pretty cool how they do all of that and can still manage their life and be such a successful student. Okay, I don’t want to continue on this since it doesn’t really matter anyways. All right, almost there just through those doors, and 5 more feet ahead. I laughed to myself as I passed through the doors and took those first few steps and could here the Middle Eastern girls talking in Farsi to each other, just straight gossiping and joking around since they know no one understands what they are saying. I sometimes think to myself I should walk up to them and just talk to them since I already understand everything they are saying anyways, maybe I could just strike up a conversation with them in Farsi. Never mind, maybe I shouldn’t I’ll just mind my own business and keep walking. I arrived to the little area that looks a bit like a half circle; I call it my circle of hope. Why? Only because these friends are pretty much my hope that keeps me together everyday I’m at school. It’s like a safe haven in a way because all throughout middle school I was always bullied and taunted, those “popular” kids would call me names that I didn’t appreciate at all. I still know that people now are still talking crap behind my back and it’s hard to ignore but I try my hardest everyday to ignore it all. I feel like the smallest things I do someone will notice me and just say something, I don’t want my reputation ruined for my future because I need to keep it up so schools and business don’t look at me strange for who I am. I finally settled down and sat on the floor, cold, but nice. I ate the lunch my mother packed me that morning; Her food always tastes so good, she’s like a food magician, and she always chooses the perfect apples too. So crunchy, sweet, and juicy. Just the way I like them. As I took the last savoring bite of my food, I struck up a few conversations with my friends and we usually never finish them because the bell rings and the subject is too long to talk about in the short little time that we have. We hug each other our goodbyes and the sarcastic saying of “Have fun in class” even though we all know its just boring as hell. I felt that drought as I walked away from my friends and continued to my next class. I felt very suave when getting to class because I took the long routes where it was never crowded just so no one would really bother me. A few more feet ahead and I can already see the “Welcome to Class!” and the slogan saying something like “Where all the fake kids just use the smart kids for work, and don’t appreciate anything except their I-Phones and other gadgets!” Again though, not everyone is like that, but really its all I can see it’s a majority of people at this school like that. They just act like someone they aren’t. Sickening. Well it doesn’t matter anymore anyways, originality is dead if you want it to be.

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