Modern Culture: What Went Wrong?

Topics: Rape, Male, Culture Pages: 3 (1313 words) Published: September 24, 2006
The culture of the United States has been going from bad to worse in recent years. Things like good manners and kindness have been weeded out. The youth of America look to the media for guidance on what is "cool" and acceptable and pop culture is filling their minds with bad thoughts. TV, movies, and radio are the avenues for this corruption. On average, in a two-hour period, a child will see a maximum of one hundred people die on TV. Music is destroying the tentative footing that women have in the country. This decay of modern culture is traced to violence on TV, music that is negative to women, the standard for manhood, and the bad fashion that has been forced into us all The main point, violence on TV and in movies is appalling. A teenager of eighteen has seen. On average, twenty-six thousand people die on TV alone. Youth have become desensitized to violence and they tend to accept it as normal and okay. This has led to children actually believing that, for example, a rape victim deserved it. Children are being taught violence and how it is just and everyday thing. Sports, such as football, are violent as well. A child may think it is okay to tackle people. Pop culture is breeding the violence in daily life. The rapes that take place everyday can be traced to the entertainment we all watch and hear. In the time it takes you to read this essay one hundred and sixty women have been raped. Date rapes are one of the worst results of violence. There is no one direct cause of date rape except a warped mind. Secondly, music is becoming more and more negative to women everyday. Lyrics to rap and heavy metal are almost flat out saying that women are weak and need a "strong man" to lead them. The heavy metal group Poison has sold well over two million copies of their albums with lyrics such as these: "I want action tonight… I need it hot and I need it fast. If I can't have her, I'll make her and take her." This is what young boys are listening to everyday and no one...
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