Modern Art by Edouard Manet and James Pollock

Topics: Abstract expressionism, History of painting, Expressionism Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: October 23, 2012
To me, art means the expression of one’s creative skills or how one expresses themselves and their true feelings. Art produced at the present point in time is called contemporary art, which is also known art modern art. Edouard Manet was considered to be the beginning of modern art and James Pollock was considered to be the end. These two artists do differ with their works of art but they are both great artists. Edouard Manet was a French painter whose work inspired the impressionist style. He also refused to place a label on his own work. Edouard Manet is considered to represent the beginning of modern art. Manet’s influence on the development of modern art is due to his portrayal of subject matter, use of broad, simple color areas, and vivid brush technique. Edouard took up a direct, bold brush technique in his use of realistic subject matter. Manet is one of the first and most important innovators to emerge in the public exhibition scene in Paris. Manet incorporated an innovative, looser painting style and brighter palette in the early 1860s. His use of modern subject matter caught the eye of other artists and began to influence a new type of painting that diverged from the standards of the official salon. The Railway is one of Edouard Manet's most important. This painting is considered the essence of a modern painting. The Railway wasn’t accepted and shown at the Salon of 1874 because its lack of finish and unconventional subject. Manet’s neighborhood and keen eye of people was a key subject of his art. In daily visits to the Café Guerbois, he found social and intellectual stimulation. He also found subjects for paintings. James Pollock is considered to be the end of modern art. Some museums considered modern art to be all art since the end of WWII, which was when James Pollock came to the sense. Pollock soon became the symbol of new American painting, after WWII. His paintings were the first form of complete abstraction. He was the first person to paint...
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