Topics: Vincent van Gogh, History of painting, Expressionism Pages: 3 (432 words) Published: February 1, 2014
Modern art-kind of art that does not resemble anything; abstract & distorted Modern- means something new

One of the things that make modern painting & sculpture hard to grasp is its sheer variety of styles. Some emerge & flourish for a few years & then drop out of fashion, to be replaced by another mode. This includes: Realism


May 1874, a group of young artists held their own art show in Paris & their works were laughed at, criticized and rejected.

derived from the painting of Claude Monet, Impression:Sunrise (1874) everything was an impression with flickering strokes of paint that record sensation of light, color & movement

Impressionist painters
worked outdoors, preferring to paint landscapes and city scenes reflection & shadows were important elements in their works

Claude Monet
an artist who became famous for his impressionistic paintings recognized leader & father of Impressionism
Water Lily & Haystack at Sunset

Auguste Renoir
Outstanding for his delicate portraits of children & women

Main idea: Truth is in the mind and soul, and not in the eye

Exhibit the use of distortion & use of bright screaming colors to express emotions powerfully. give form to their strong inner feelings & they also portray life by personal interpretation of reality through modification & distortion includes both deep despair & intense joy; imager may be dark & painful or bright & pleasurable

a famous painting by Pablo Picasso done in 1937
depicts the Nazi German bombing of Guernica in Spain during the Spanish Civil War it’s black & white oil painting in mural style
presents a scene of death, violence, brutality, suffering, & helpless w/o portraying their immediate causes epitomizes the tragedies of war & suffering inflicted on individuals both an anti-war symbol & an...
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