Modern Art

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September 17, 2009|
Architecture, sculpture, painting, and music in the Modern Era|

Modern art is defined as “art that has been and continues to be created in our lifetime”. This is the current period of art and has been since 1920. Many different movements occurred in the modern era and most of them were very controversial and they changed the way people thought. I chose what I thought was the most vital and important four of the seven areas of artistry. I believe architecture in the modern era is an important area because they are what are making the modern era look more futuristic. Sculptures I believe are also very important because it is a way of expressing thoughts and ideas in a creative way. I chose paintings because they have changed so much over the past few centuries and I believe are a vital part of art. Lastly, music is a way of expressing they way you feel by doing something that you are very talented at.

Modern Architecture: Architecture in the modern era is usually built out of iron, steel, brick, granite, and many buildings are predominately constructed out of glass. Colors of contemporary buildings are black and silver with an abundance of lighting on the exterior. In big cities around the world, you can find the modern building to be extremely tall and futuristic-like with a very unique build and a lot of different shaped windows and roofs, or the buildings itself may be a unique shape. One word to sum up modern architecture would be abstract.

Architecture Examples: When I think of modern architecture, I think mainly of the Empire State Building and 30 St Mary Axe. The Empire State Building is located in New York City, New York. The building is 102 stories tall and is currently the tallest building in New York State. The building was designed by Gregory Johnson. The top of the building is equipped with floodlights which are a popular feature in the modern era and the top also draws upward to a point where the building is at its tallest. The building appeals to me because it’s tall, well-lit, and famous as it is in a lot of movies, including King Kong, Independence Day, and my personal favorite, ELF. 30 St Mary Axe is another iconic building of the modern era. The construction of the building symbolizes the start of the new high-rise construction boom in London, England. Designed by Lord Foster and constructed by Skanska, the building was completed in December of 2003. 30 St Mary Axe is forty stories high and made out of glass. The building appears to be made out of curved glass, but there is only one piece of curved glass and it is at the very top of the building. Spirals of tinted glass are intertwined with regular glass along with the tall dome shape give it a more modern look. This building appeals to me because it is an extremely energy efficient building and it looks very unique and futuristic.

Modern Sculpture: Sculptures in this time period consist of bronze, glass, stainless steel, marble, chrome, clay, aluminum, and ice. Like all sculptures, in the modern era, they are three-dimensional. They are mostly welded together and made with a flowing composition and lack of brittleness. Sculpting is a way of performance art and is known to be extremely energetic and kinetic. Sculptures in this era are not predominately of people, but more abstract shapes and are usually placed in the lobby of buildings, on the exterior of the front of a building, and even in water. Many sculptures even have some sort of light incorporated into their composition.

Sculpture Examples: Upon researching modern sculptures, I came across two very unique sculptures: Chicago Picasso and Vicissitudes. Chicago Picasso is a monumental figure created by Pablo Picasso. It is located in the Daley Plaza in the Chicago Loop in Chicago, Illinois. It is a 50 foot tall sculpture that weighs 162 tons. Chicago Picasso is made of steel. Pablo Picasso never explained what he intended for the sculpture to represent. This...

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