Modern Agricultural Farm case analysis

Topics: Agriculture, Irrigation, Pakistan Pages: 4 (1830 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Analysis for Modern Agricultural Farm
Modern Agricultural Farm (MAF) is a farm which is located in Pakistan. In order to make MAF stand out from the crowd, we need to analyze and figure out the opportunities as well as the challenges MAF is facing currently. Macroeconomic:

Pakistan is located in the South Asia, bounded by India on the east and by Arabian Sea on the south. 70% of the livelihoods of the population in Pakistan are either directly or indirectly linked to agriculture (N. Ahmed 1). In another words, agricultural industry is the backbone industry in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has therefore “identified that agriculture is one of the priority areas to be focused in order to support the economy (“Pakistan- Language, Religion, Culture, Customs and Etiquette” 1)”. Under this background, it is apparent that the Modern Agricultural Farm is facing a great opportunity to develop with the support from the government. Social

Agriculture is a labor-intensive industry, especially when it comes to growing vegetables as is mentioned in the case. Pakistan has a large population of 159,196,336 (“Pakistan- Language, Religion, Culture, Customs and Etiquette”), and referring to the data, the minimum wage in Pakistan is only $1.23 per hour (“Pakistan Labor Stats”). It could be inferred that with the availability to such a large number of labor forces and cheap labor price, Modern Agricultural Farm can easily control the labor expenses and therefore efficiently increase the potential profitability. Environmental

Agriculture relies largely on the environment and natural conditions, especially in developing countries. Problems like soil degradation will definitely influences crops, and eventually result in low crop productivity. In the center of the province of Sindh, which the Modern Agricultural Farm is located in, there is a fertile plain around the Indus River, and it is a great advantage to MAF(“Sindh”). Fertile soil provide essential...

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