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Personal Model of Helping
Aug 3, 2010
Elisa M Magill PH.D

Personal Model of Helping
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It is hard for me with the given information to choose just one form of therapy. I see potential in many of the different forms of therapy, but my favorite three would be Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Journal Writing, and Collaborative Therapy. I think that these particular forms of therapy could work together well to assist the patient. With cognitive behavioral therapy the therapist works with the client in the here and now. The therapists assists the patient with their day to day living issues and provide the client with a form of emotional support and encouragement. With journal therapy writing the therapist can recieve insight into the patient feelings, wants, fears, and goals. This can assist the therapist with the behavioral therapy as to what is affecting the client now. Collaborative therapy gives the patient a sense that you are on his or her team. As the therapist you are assisting the client to reach their milestones and eventually their goals. You are working on what his or her current issues are. You can use their journal to gain additional insight. The therapist and the client work together collaborating on solving the issue at hand. This gives the client a sense of security that they are not alone and they have someone on their team. YOU’RE VIEW OF HELPING

I would combine several forms of therapy one of which being cognitive behavioral therapy. In this form of therapy the patient and the client work together to accomplish the same goal. The patient issues are immediately brought to light and focused on as a team (Parrott,2003). As a therapist I would also like to incorporate a part of journal therapy. I would give the patient homework to write what they thought about the progress of the day’s session and use this information for a topic of...
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