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Topics: Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori method, Maria Montessori Pages: 4 (1489 words) Published: October 12, 2013
In early childhood education the model or models used for teaching plays an important role in the development of children. There are a number of models which are available to be used in early childhood education. These models can be used for a better outcome of the children’s intellectual, social and also emotional wellbeing. The most appropriate approach would consist of good curriculums, age appropriate materials, excellent teaching environments and other many more factors. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between three different models used in early childhood education. The Montessori Method, Reggio Emilia Approach and High scope approach. The Montessori Method is a child centered educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It is based on child development from birth to adulthood using scientific observations. (Introduction to Montessori, 2013). Likewise the Reggio Emilia Approach concentrates on a child’s natural development. It has the philosophy that in order to learn and education to be effective the children must be able make sense of what they are learning. Child’s own ideas are appreciated and are encouraged to follow their own ways throughout the educational journey. (Rock, 2013). This approach was founded in the villages around Reggio Emilia, Italy after World War II. In High Scope method the students are encouraged to decide the materials they would like to use. The teachers would be around them supporting and guiding them through difficulties. A daily routine is designed by the teachers to help children understand what happens next. It also include outside activities and social interaction times. (Rock, 2013). The methods have very much identical principles. The Maria Montessori method concentrates on 5 basic principles. It includes respect for the child, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, the prepared environment, and auto education. The Maria Montessori method is planned to develop the...

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