Models of Change

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The different models in the Table 8.1 have different varying degrees of conceptulaization and priority to enable a change environment. The steps defined in the table are the different notions or analysis of the best structure to be followed for ensuring succesful change management by different Authors of the subject. How many organizatiosn follow or implement the exact verison of the recommendations and what has been the findings or results is not readily available for an easy anaylsis. However the corporate world of today with the wide experineces in learning and knowledge management both institutionalised and experienced by the young turks, the change management has its own stages and processes with a complete success story. The resembalnce to many of their startegies to the theoritical formulas derive a pattern of common sense or sense making derivations which are a common and depends from individual to individual.

Kanter, Stein and Jicks Ten commandements implements change by the seventh stage while some others like the Transformatory Trajectory of Taffinder dleiver chnage at the 4th stage. Sensemaking is prominently figuring in all the models which reassures the importance of sense making to deliver change. Common to all the models is the Resource management of change required to be planned and estimated without any negligence. Similarly models have equal appreciation ofr little wins by way of rewards, and celebrations. The only model that highlights of managing and handling emotions is the Ten Keys model by Pendlebury, Grouard, and Meston. Every other fundamental of Coaching, rewarding, vision imortance, participation and sponsorship with leadership have been equally mentioned but at different stages.(Palmer et al, 2009)

Sequence of steps I beleive would always be there, once change has been propagated.Some of the stages /...
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