Modeling Essay

Topics: Janice Dickinson, Model, Employment Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Shante Gordon

Period 1


Informative Speech

Work the Runway

I.) Introductionm

A.) Wait! I already know what you’re thinking. It’s too early in the morning to be listening to speeches. What if I told you that my speech is about fame? Fortune? And endless hours of admiration? No I’m not talking about being a garbage man, I’m talking about modeling. (NARRATIVE)

B.) Today we will learn about the job of a model.

C.) I’ve been doing research on this subject for about 3 weeks so when I say I know exactly what it takes to become a model, I’m not playing around.

D.) The three areas we will discuss are

1.) Competition/coworkers

2.) The benefits of being a model

3.) and the nature of work a model has.

II.) Body

A.) First we will discuss the competition and the coworkers of the modeling career.

1.) According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a model’s career depends on the preservation of his or her physical characteristics. (FACT)

a. So models must be able to control their diet, exercise regularly, and get sleep in order to stay healthy. Haircuts manicures, pedicures and necessary work related expenses for models. (EXAMPLE)

2.) If you’re less than 5’9, you’ll find it hard to find a job in modeling. This is because designers make the clothes for taller people. According to, most mainstream agencies are looking for slim models with good bone structure, although this is subjective. Mainstream wants distinctive features, some who is recognizable but for all the right reasons.(FACT)

a.) This means you need to be thick skinned because this is the most superficial industries they are. According to (EXAMPLE)

3.) Mary Bonk says in her book, Communications and Arts, since this a very competitive field, candidates should seek advice from an agent,...
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