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Topics: Runway, Vogue, Fashion journalism Pages: 6 (1264 words) Published: June 14, 2013
FashionTV is the biggest fashion medium in the world FashionTV broadcasts the latest news and information to over 350 million households and 7 million public places worldwide. As the only global 24/7 television network focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends and style. FashionTV is a New Media leader, with a highly trafficked and expansive digital reach that includes YouTube channels (20,000,000 views in 1 month), (1 mil visitors per month), a Facebook page (1,000,000 fans) and more. In the top 300 media online. FashionTV represents Chic style, dynamic attitude, fresh and hip music, FashionTV symbolizes fashion in its true sense. Celebrities, models, designers fashionistas and trendsetters. We get the first the newest trends and share them with our audience. FashionTV viewers are considered the most luxurious, glamorous and fashion-oriented target group among all media consumers, who not only love to watch the fashionable lifestyle on TV, but they also enjoy living it.

Source: EMS 2010 (incl.CEMS) Winter release / Channels viewed in last 12 months / Index base 100 total EMS

FTV is an established and reliable brand with more than 10 years of experience in modeling business. FTV is organizer of the world’s most powerful modeling contest

Beneficiary connotations of glamour, luxury and desirable lifestyle. Well known name in the fashion industry- big pool of potential clients that be willing to cooperate with YOUR modeling school. Corporate image- FTV is an iconic brand with strong recognition and awareness around the globe. FTV has an exclusive pool of active viewers, strongly associate themselves with the brand. The target audience of FTV is mostly, young wealthy fashion oriented people. Perfect audience for modeling school target group. Potential models are among them, waiting to fulfill the dream of becoming a model!

Have you dreamed of being a top commercial or fashion model but don't know where to start? Or, are you already a model looking to expand your representation FTV Model School is the place to be for you.

International network of broadcast and coverage- we do the marketing for you- benefit from our success and cut on promotion expenses Business network of designers, photographers and partners interested in cooperation Name and reputation mean everything in fashion industry Your future business partners are more likely to hire models from FashionTV Modeling School rather than take a risk with unknown name in the market. Enjoy our professional know how in modeling business

Develop your business with FashionTV!

Supply Model School each year with FTV branded products ( 2 T-shirts for each student and one other FTV brand accessory, for all students of the Model School. Provide to each student of the Model School at the end of the course a certificate, said certificate is agreed to bear the trade name of the Model School; Post on Fashion TV’s website the name, at least three (3) selected photos, CV data and contacts details of the successful students of the Model School for a period of at least two two years following the completion of the course Provide the successful students of the Model School with Fashion TV membership entitling them to the same privileges enjoyed by FTV model schools in other countries, such as invitations to FTV events, discounts at selected service providers and access to FTV sites and locations Provide Place on FTV’s website ( for the banner and a link leading directly to the Model School website Place on FTV’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter sites the announcements for events and activities organized by Model School

The Modeling Industry is made up of the Modeling Agencies, The designers, The Advertising Agencies, The Photographers and Magazines, and Catalog houses to the Models with a million people in between from the Stylists and Makeup Artists to Set Designers. The Modeling Industry sets the careers of many, many people with so much...
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