Model of Prospectus

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The group members of AGRAWAL’S IRON& STEEL CO. Ltd have struggled hard to commence this project which involves the production & extraction of iron and steel, with a good team work we have achieved this position and we believe in team work , which means “ LESS I, MORE WE”.

1) Name of the company is, AGRAWAL’S IRON& STEEL CO. Ltd, and it registration office is in Andhra Pradesh. 2) The following are the particulars regarding the company’s capital information provided to the general public:

• Total capital: Rs.60,00,000 (sixty lakhs only) • Share capital: Rs.30,00,000 (thirty lakhs only) • Equity share : Rs.10 (each)

3) The people who are willing to be a part of our company can acquire the applications forms from SBI bank of any branches. OUR COMPANY is readily inviting the public who are interested in shares. minimum subscription of share is Rs.10/- (rupees ten only). Number of shares that are available for equity shares holders are 1,00,000 and preferential share holders are 1,50,000. The amount to be paid on each application is Rs.20 (rupees twenty only).total number of shares are 3,00,000.

4) power of directors : directors act as the whole and sole of the company. All the powers regarding the company are vested in the hands of the directors. They play a very important role in the management of the company. They take important decisions regarding investments, shares, bonds, debentures etc; they have the powers to verify the plaints, affidavits, petitions of claims and objections. All legal proceedings are undertaken by directors. They are vested with the...
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