Model Minority Myth

Topics: Asian American, Model minority, United States Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: April 1, 2007
But we must look deeper past the numbers and statistics and into the cultural aspects and the effects and consequences of the myth of the model minority has.

Asian children are increasingly pressured by family and cultural values to achieve. The parents of these students feel that the performance of their children is a representation of their parental abilities and when their children fall short of their expectations, these feelings are sometimes expressed in form of physical violence for something such as not getting a 4.0 GPA. Parents have such an overwhelming need to see their children succeed that sometime they pick their kid's courses, what school to go to and what courses to take in college (reference). However, the parents are willing to sacrifice their financial well-being and lifestyle for their children. A Chicago study doing in the 1980s revealed that 8/10 Asian parents would sell their house and financial security to support their children's education while only 3/10 White parents said they would.

With the extent of the parental pressure and cultural values, Asian students feel an obligation to do nothing less than perfection. A study done by (find reference) discovered that Asian students, on average, spent more time studying, reviewing, and doing HW then any other social group. However, when these students do not achieve the level of performance that they desire, these pressures bare down on them. One student, Sally Woo that I know of tried to commit suicide because she could not make into a school that she wanted to go into.

This is the legacy of the myth of the "model minority". The idea that hard work coupled with endless diligence and with no outside help can lead to success. This push students and families alike to live up to unrealistic and hazardous expectations.

Another legacy of the "model minority" is connected to the story of Sally. Due to the vast number of Asian students that attend and receive higher education, university...
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