Model Essay of Dream World

Topics: Democracy, Government, World Pages: 8 (1924 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Components of a Well-Written Essay

| | |Introduction | |(“The Head” / “Top Bun”) | | | |General overview of what you will write about in your essay | | | |Contains the thesis statement of your essay, which is the main idea of your whole essay | |Example from “My Dream World” Essay: | |“If I could create my own dream world, it would be nothing less than utopian.” | | | |Often has an attention-grabbing sentence as the first sentence, which draws the reader in and makes the reader want to read MORE. It often has a quote, | |asks the reader a question, and/or is very interesting. | |Example from “My Dream World” Essay: | |“If you could wave a magic wand and the world could become the way you’ve always dreamed, how would you design it?” | | | |Has no or very few details and examples | | | |Can list all the topic sentences (partial or full) of all body paragraphs | |Example from “My Dream World” Essay: | |“It would have stellar schools and universities, a scenic environment, kind-hearted people, an egalitarian and purely democratic government with ample job | |and career opportunities, and abundant food and drink surrounding us.” |

| | |Body Paragraphs (All) | |(“The Meat”) | |...
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