Mode of Communications

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Mode of Delivery of a Presentation
Impromptu speech:
The word impromptu means to do anything without planning. Impromptu speech is a mode of speech in which a speaker delivers a presentation without planned or without rehearses in a spontaneous manner. Like impromptu press conference of any political person. Advantages:

* It provides the opportunity to response.
* it shows how good an individual is at thinking for themselves, on their feet. * Impromptu speech is a useful tool for debating competition. * In impromptu speech no preparation is needed.

* It represents the speaker’s true feelings
* There is a lack of coherence and sequence in speech.
* It increases the anxiety level in the speech.
* In appropriate feedback.
* Insertion of verbal fillers like ummmms, uuuuh etc. and unnecessary phrases like “you know” and” to gain thinking time. * lack of preparation also can result in oral uncertainty Manuscript Speech

A mode of speech in which a complete written out speech or presentation is read aloud to the audience. Examples include a religious proclamation or a President’s message to Nation. In such situations, absolute accuracy is essential. it is not best way of speaking. Every word of the speech will be analyzed by the press, by colleagues, perhaps by enemies Advantages:

* In this speech all written material is well organized.
* Very careful planned language is used in speaking.
* It is absolutely accurate speech no chance of any mistake. * This mode of speaking is necessary in critical matters like president’s speech to Nation, chief of army staff dressing to his army about the defense situation of country Disadvantages:

* A speaker falter over words, pause in the wrong places. * Read too quickly or too slowly and speak in a monotone. * Speaker tends to keep the attention on the written words rather than his audience. * There is not opportunity of feedback in this mode of speaking * Listener seems as reading to their listeners, rather than talking with them. Memorized Speech:

It is the mode of speaking in which a written out material is committed to the memory and then represents in front of the audience. Advantages:
* Speakers have full eye contact with their audience.
* Carefully planned language is used.
* Speaker has exact record.
* A lot of time is requiring for preparation.
* A speaker cannot adapt to feedback to the audience.
* These modes of speech provide only limited knowledge to audience. * If there is a mistake in the written material, this mistake is forward to audience through the presentation. * If speaker forget one of the idea in the presentation, the rest presentation will be flop. Extemporaneous Speech:

In extemporaneous speech a speaker uses only a set of brief notes or a speaking outline to jog the memory. Unlike an impromptu speech, an extemporaneous speech is carefully prepared and practiced in advance. It combines the careful preparation and structure of a manuscript presentation with spontaneity enthusiasm of an unrehearsed talk. Advantages:

* This provides a lot of time to user to prepare speech.
* Speaker is free to establish eye contact with audience. * When you speak extemporaneously—and have prepared properly—you have full control over your ideas * It gives more precise control over thought and language than does impromptu speaking * It has an opportunity to feedback to the audience.

* A speaker having no time for preparation and rehearse he may mentally disturbed. * If speaker has too much notes for presentation, he will fail to interact with audience. * And because extemporaneous material is never written out word for word, there will be no permanent record of the speech.

How give Effective Presentation.
Determine your purpose:
The first thing in effective presentation is to determine for what...
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