Mod Meters

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Detailed analysis of case study ModMeters

History, Development and Growth of the company

This Company was originally founded in North America and established the name as Modern Meters and later it was called as ModMeters in short (MM) . ModMeters generally produces metering components of all types, which were highly specialized and were great in demand. In early 1960s, the company had gradually automated almost every aspect of its business from finance and accounting to supply chain management. Today ModMeters is the largest producer od metering components in the world with full range of both mechanical and, now, digital products. Now the ModMeters are planning to expand their business with meter assembly with plants in Asia and Eastern Europe. ModMeters are introducing new types of products to increase their production and which would lead to hiring more resources.

Identification of the company’s Internal Strength and Weakness.

ModMeters Internal Strength:
1) Varied products and diversified Customers
2) ModMeters produces mechanical & digital meter components

3) ModMeters has powerful manufacturing unit and prioritized the projects with maintenance & operations.

4) The company is ready to implement new projects for its growth as the financial status of the company is good.

ModMeters Internal weakness:

1) The system and process not fully competent.
2) Lack of resources does not satisfy the System & process. 3) Lack of IT Architecture in achieving consensus decisions. The company has Quality- Testing constraints in enhancing product interoperability. 4) Lack of fancy web site for consumers.

Swat Analysis:


1) ModMeters is the largest producer in mechanical & digital meter components since early 1960’s
2) ModMeters has varied products for diversified customers ranging from utilities companies, manufactures & other industries...
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