Mod 6

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Mod 6

1. What kinds of barriers to communication can you find in each scenario?         In each scenario, workers of varied ages were accustomed to different mediums of communication creating an unusual barrier between the different age groups. The younger workers- Mark and Whitney- felt more comfortable communicating over social media or through an electronic device; a medium that allows people to communicate without forming the same relationship others form by speaking face-to-face. The older Coworkers were not used to the form of interaction preferred by the younger generation. They felt more comfortable speaking face-to-face. These differences created the barriers, because the different aged coworkers were not able to successfully speak using methods they were not accustomed to. 

2. Is anybody "at fault" in either or both scenarios? Explain your reasoning.         Nobody is at fault in either of the two scenarios. In scenario #1, Mark felt uncomfortable speaking face-to-face with the other managers. So, Mark did what he knew best; he texted his friends and reached out to them over social media. Mark grew up with that form of interaction- talking to someone without actually speaking to them- as did everyone else his age. For him, it was normal to use your phone while conversing so he did not see anything wrong. Kent (the older manager) did not grow up with the same means of interaction as Mark. This is why Kent was uncomfortable and irritated when he witnessed someone breaking the conversation by using their phone. He was not used to something like that happening and by nature saw something wrong with it. Neither of the two were at fault, they just did what they grew up with. Scenario #2 is the same situation. The older worker (Brett) was not comfortable using social media or cell phone which is all Whitney knew how to do. However in both scenarios both age groups could have made a stronger effort to communicate differently.

3. Do you think that in Scenario #2 both age and gender differences were factors, or just one and not the other, or neither (that is was just a matter of individual differences)? Explain the basis for your answer.         I think it was only the age difference. I believe that it is incorrect to generalize an entire gender in relation to which form of communication they use when both men and women grew up together. Both genders grew up with the same forms of communication. A generation defines the communication; it is not defined by a gender. To compare to Scenario #1, the only factor setting Mark and Kent apart was their age (they are the same gender), and they had trouble communicating together.

4. How can Mark, Kent, Whitney, and Brett improve their communication skills?         Mark, Kent, Whitney, and Brett don't necessarily have to improve their communication skills but rather further them and build upon the base that they already have. Both generations have to open themselves up to different forms of communication. Kent and Brett should become active on social media sites and start speaking to people over the phone. Whitney and Mark must work hard to speak to people face-to-face, maybe start setting up meetings for their offices where everyone gets to know each other by speaking to accomplish important tasks instead of trying to do it over the phone. These are skills both groups need to work towards; they can't just expect to be comfortable with them overnight. These skills however are keys to the success of Mark, Kent, Whitney, and Brett.

1. What is your analysis relative to a potential leading coalition? My analysis of a potential leading coalition is that they should go ahead and do it. LSP has been a leader in its industry and if it doesn’t take the chance to try new things and succeed they may no longer be in that position. In the world of technology innovations are made every day and the fastest way to become an irrelevant company is to not keep up with the times. Often...
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