Mock Universal Studios Advisory Board

Topics: Law, World Wrestling Entertainment, Ethics, Common law, Negligence, Tort law / Pages: 6 (1274 words) / Published: Oct 23rd, 2011
Universal Studios Advisory Board Recommendations for the pursuit of the production of programming in partnership with WWE

Recently, we at Universal Studios have been approached by Mattel Toys to begin working on the production of a children’s program with the intent of marketing its World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) action figures to children for their economic gain. While there may also be the opportunity for monetary gain for Universal Studios in such production, there are several legal, ethical, and political factors that must be taken into consideration. In addition, there have been several issues raised by Action for Children’s Television (ACT) in the past. Actions taken by this group have been successful in halting such productions, with substantial resources being lost in such proceedings. It is the general consensus of the advisory board for the cartoon division that production of such a program would not be in the best interest of the company or the station owners that might choose to air such programs. We will first approach the legal theories of liability that show the potential complications of producing such a program after which point we will include minimum recommendations to promote legal security if productions were to occur. Several legal theories of liability are available that, through apprehensive anticipation, outline the complications that the organization may encounter if production of a WWE cartoon aimed towards children were to go into production. The broadest of theses is mere negligence. Negligence is defined as careless conduct, or actions done, without thinking through the consequences (Jennings, 2011, pg. 287). To prove a negligent infraction, the courts must establish that a “reasonable person” would not have engaged in such actions/behaviors. Given that there is a lack of children’s programming that contains such violent themes, it is our opinion that this would become a major complication for the organization

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