Mock Research and Analysis Report

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Mock Research and Analysis Report
Market Research Report for Pinoy Adhesive Products, Inc. (PAPI)

I. Research Objectives
1) Determine the market potential and the concentration of the wood floor manufacturing market segment. 2) Find the best avenues for access to the wood floor manufacturing market segment for the newly EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) 3) Evaluate Pinoy Adhesive Products, Inc (PAPI) ability to meet the production, marketing and sales requirements to be successful in this market segment. 4) Identify high potential prospects that current sales reps may call on while conducting sales calls on current markets.

II. Methodology

This research was conducted over a 90 day period in the first quarter of 2013 by our Research Team. The information is of a proprietary nature and upon final payment becomes the property of the research sponsors. The information contained in this report will not be made available to others without the express permission of the research sponsor. Sources of information include:

1) Public information via annual reports to shareholders as well as other Government reports which are available for public review 2) Company marketing information, advertising, company press releases, and state and local news sources 3) Online research including third party references

4) Trade associations, directories and publications
5) One on one telephone interviews with both current customers and prospects 6) Various private industry sources

Every effort is made to provide accurate information. The information provided is “best available” on the day the data was gathered.

III. Relevant Data from Secondary and Primary sources

Current Customer Profile
PAPI currently provides adhesives and environmentally safe lubrication products for the wood manufacturing industry. The primary product line for PAPI has focused in the plywood, veneer and all wood paneling manufacturing markets. You currently have twelve current customers that are also manufacturers of wood flooring and use the new adhesive formula. Based on the research of the entire Wood Flooring Manufacturing sector current customers fall into a cross section of manufacturers with more than $1 Million in sales from the manufacture of solid, veneered and laminate flooring products.

Adhesive Usage Estimate:
Rule of thumb adhesive usage is 100 units for every 1 Million board feet of flooring manufactured. (Hard Wood vs. Soft Wood and stabilizing sub stratus will also impact usage.) Your Current Sales Profile:

The adhesive has been sold as second sale through your sales reps while servicing existing accounts. Re-supply has primarily been accommodated through fax and phone calls to your service center. The typical order is two unbroken cartons (4 units per carton). Shipments are fulfilled via UPS. Primary reason for trying… “Your other products work so well…” Reason for continuing to order “It works so well…” Customers tell us that your new adhesive is an improvement over the other brands they have used and that they intend to continue to use the product until something better [Researchers Comment “Cheaper that works as well”] Customer Comments:

A telephone interview was conducted with your contact person at each company that now uses your new formula. A summary of the data we collected and few highlights of quotes from our interviews follow. Plant Manager:

“The first time we used the adhesive the guys on the line thought it wasn’t any good because it did not smell like anything else we have ever used… the problem really was that it did not smell at all!” “It works very well. We won’t ship anything that would give us a bad name so we made up a few boards and put it on the shop floor and worked it over pretty good. You name it we spilled it on the test floor… we even drove a truck or two over it multiple times to make sure. This new stuff holds up.” Mill Owner:

“We ordered...
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