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Topics: Primary education, College, Educational stages Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: August 17, 2014
Good morning ladies and gentleman. Mine name is Gui Jie Qin. As long we go for the further discussion , you can simply call me Mimo or other proper name which is convenience for you to pronounce. I am the only one son at mine family , mine father was a businessman and mine mother was a housewife. I have pass mine primary school at S.R.J.K.C _____ AND secondary school in S.M.K Melaka. Basically, i quite active during mine secondary school , for example , i have represent mine school as a badminton player at MRSM melaka and i also represent mine school in the BSN competition, and i get second on that particular competition as well. As a result , i get a very good comment from mine secondary school as well. As you information which i have mention in mine resume, i am a fresh graduate from MMU melaka with the course Bachelor of Business Administration Honour Marketing Management last year. During the internship , i have learn more cleary about marketing which we cant learn on the textbook . I have a real experience on that during mine internship at ________. Overall i have several strengthen and weakness which i would like to addressed (a,b)(a,b). Whatever i am a fresh graduate but i have some working expericence which is i have been work as promoter for White cOFFEE for Super COMPANY for around a year during mine weekend holiday.I have been award winning customer statisfaction and interpersonal skilll during mine part time work . You can refer at the resume which i have submitted as well . Furthermore , i could speak fluently in Hokkien , Japanese and Korean .I am can speak well in Bahasa Malaysisa , English and Chinese as well . Moreover , I am able to using the basic computer operating system Microsoft Office and Window 7 , even Window 8. Now, i also taking night course for UBS control system at Sinar College . Just like what the phrases mention , study never stop or effecting by any of the factor .
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