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Mock Meeting Block A Script (10-Minute Fishbowl)

New Community Staff Partner (SP)
Returning Committee Chair (Chair)
New Logistics Chair (Logistics)
Team Development Chair – Past Top Team Captain (Team D)
Survivor/Caregiver Chair – Also a Survivor (SCC)


Scene: Large table with chairs around the table, flipchart, and an audience; each character has a table tent with his/her name and role. All characters are at the table with the exception of the Team Development Chair, who will come in late.

Chair: Welcome everyone to the meeting and take role call. Call out everyone at the table and also acknowledge that there were a few people that couldn’t make it tonight, including your Entertainment Chair, Kids’ Activities Chair, Sponsorship Chair, and Registration & Accounting Chair.

Point out how the Team Development Chair is not in attendance, and ask whether anyone knows he/she they is.

All:Shake your heads; you haven’t heard from the Team Development Chair since the last meeting.

Setting the Meeting Agenda

Chair: Review the meeting agenda flipchart of things to discuss, and ask the committee members whether they have any additional things to add.

SCC:Ask whether there is time at the end of the meeting to brainstorm post-event survivor and caregiver engagement strategies; you could really use some help.

Chair:Tell the Survivor/Caregiver Chair that time will be tight, but if you cannot discuss it today, you can talk after the meeting either one on one or with those who can stay to discuss.

Chair:Ask for someone to take the meeting notes for today.

Logistics:Volunteer to take the notes.

Suddenly, the Team D Chair bursts into the room, late to the meeting. There are not enough chairs at the table for the Team D person to sit. Someone in the group has to leave the meeting to find a chair.

Team D:Apologize for being late, and ask the group what you missed.

Chair:(ANNOYED) Tell the Team D Chair you will get him/her up to speed after the meeting instead of taking more time now. The agenda is on the wall.

Subcommittee Updates

Chair:Reference the sample Project Plan Gantt Chart on the wall. Remind the group all the work that has been done to date. Reference the amount that still needs to be done between now and the event. Also reference the thermometer chart to show progress toward goals based on feedback from subcommittee chairs not in the room.

Chair:Invite other committee reps to give updates from their subcommittee areas.

SCC:Report that you currently are at 100% of goal for number of survivors and caregivers registered for the event. These are the largest numbers in the history of the Relay. Not many survivors are on teams; most are independent so that may be a great way to get more teams involved.

During the Survivor/Caregiver Chair’s report, the Team Development Chair’s phone will ring. The Team Development Chair should answer the phone but act as though they are leaving the room – instead of leaving, move off to the side of the meeting, talking loudly in the phone. This will be a huge distraction, and many of the committee members will roll their eyes.

Chair: Congratulate the Survivor/Caregiver Chair.

Team Development Chair will come back to the table, apologize, and ask what was missed.

Team D: Ask what you missed during the phone call.

Chair:Explain that you have reached the survivor/caregiver goal but that not many survivors and caregivers are on teams this year and that this is an area that you need to follow up with him/her on.

Chair:Remind the group this is a short and packed agenda so if you could have everyone’s FULL attention, it would be greatly appreciated.

Logistics:Report that you have day-of-event volunteers lined up and are working on mapping out the campsites next week with the subcommittee in prep for bank night. Talked with registration and accounting chair about how to assign and will...
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