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Mock Interview Report

By Cheuk Him-Lee Apr 13, 2015 345 Words
Mock interview report
I learned some interview skill and knowledge in the mock interview in 18 March 2015. There is some benefit I also gained from the mock interview. Mock interviews simulate real job interviews and are conducted with a prospective job interviewee and an interviewer. In the mock interview I performed with classmate.

First, the mock interview can help you reduce stress and anxiety about in the interviewing. If you’re not sure how to answer typical interview questions, mock interviews provide a great opportunity for you to “test drive” your answers. The person conducting the mock interview is most likely a skilled interviewer and can give you feedback on whether or not your response is suitable.

Second, it can provide you with constructive feedback in a lower-stress environment. The mock interviews help you clarify responses to certain questions and help you work on areas where you may have weaknesses. In a real interview, there’s often not feedback about your interviewing abilities, so a mock interview is a perfect opportunity to find out why you may be having some difficulty in landing your dream job.

Third, it can help me improve the body language. Mock Interviews help you prepare well in terms of body language and professional etiquette. That is you will gain inputs on the way you greet in an interview and the way you depart from an interview. All this adds to the positive points that you collect through the journey of your interview.

Finally, after we complete the mock interview, I go through the results with the candidate. We discuss things that went well and what can be improved for the real job interview. Typically, eye contact, self-assurance, and confident answers can always be improved.

The mock interview is a great time for us to practice an interviewing skill they feel has been lost or forgotten. And, at the core of the process, is the idea that anyone can have a good interview experience, as long as the candidate is prepared, has researched the organization, and is ready to shine.

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