Mock Interview Reflection

Topics: Better, Nonverbal communication, Social work Pages: 5 (1177 words) Published: May 5, 2017

Throughout the intensive period, students were able to learn and practice a range of skills relative to interviewing and interacting with clients. Students were given a mock case study, in order to practice the above-mentioned skills. This paper will provide a reflection of these practice sessions. Firstly, overview of the particulars within the given case study will be provided. Secondly, a description of the skills utilized within the mock interview will be given. This description will be followed by a discussion of the feedback, gained from an objective observer who witnessed the interview. Thirdly, an explanation as to why the above-mentioned skills, both negative and positive, could be executed or were found challenging will be provided....

Moreover, upon reflection of the provided feedback each of these skills was utilized to varying levels of success. The skills that were noted as being achieved to a high standard, based on peer feedback, included the use of open-ended questions, the use of affirmation, the capacity to utilize silences while in conversation and the ability to introduce myself appropriately, including the capability to adequately explain the limits of confidentiality within the social work field. In addition to verbal skills, a range of non-verbal skills were utilized throughout the interview, and were also noted as being areas of personal strength. These non-verbal skills included appropriate body posture and eye contact. In addition, the use of positive facial expressions was seen as a strength based on feedback. It can be said that, each of these skills, which were positively utilized, promoted empathy and genuineness towards the client and therefore provided a positive interactive experience. In contrast, there were a small amount of skills, which were noted as being points for personal improvement. For instance, the use of nodding in relation to the answers given by the client was noted as being excessive at some points. Moreover, the use of closed questions was noted as being under utilized in times when that particular skill may have been appropriate. Furthermore, the feedback provided included suggestions of further...

Moreover, a range of literature provides information relative to the importance of some interviewing skills and ways in which to gain and better each of these skills, which are vital within the field of social work. As such, an evidence based plan will now be provided in order to guide future practice. Wahab (2005, p. 47) explains that in order for social workers to gain and better skills; practice, both through placement and mock interviewing, is vital. As such, the continuing practice of the above mentioned poor skills; both on placement and within university mock interviews will assist in rectifying these issues. Furthermore, Macguire, Booth and Jones (1996, p. 1486) explain that the simple concept of keeping the important skills relative to social work in mind when practicing in the field, will over time lead to improvement in those skills and therefore create enhanced practice. Furthermore, Trevithick (2000, p. 24) explains that in addition to the basic skills of social work, which promote empathy, more difficult skills better help to assists social workers in their practice. Moreover, Trevithick (2000, p. 24), states that these more difficult skills include engaging with clients who are unresponsive and learning skills required in specialist situations. Similarly to those issues mentioned above, Trevithick...
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