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Marketing Research

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MR2VH1ES02 - 1




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December 5, 2008 9.00 - 11.00 Drs. H.A.M. Stumpel

Give a complete and comprehensible solution to each question. Texts should be written in correct English with a pen. Illegible text will be disregarded. Do not ask the invigilator about the problems. If you suspect a problem to be wrong, state what you think is wrong, and give the most likely solution.

Examination Marketing Research MR2VH1ES02 - 1 2nd year IBMS 2008 1


As promised in class, the first question is relatively easy. Below some questions. Can you please tell me the level of measurement of the answer categories? Possible answers: Nominal // Ordinal // (Quasi interval) // Interval // Ratio. Please use the word metric only for a dichotomy. 1.1 In what type of dwelling do you presently live? (please choose one) Flat/appartment Farm Single-family-home serviceflat Old people's home other 1.2 Do you rent or do you own your present home? Own Rent 1.3 (for those who own) What would be the value of your house at this moment? Less than € 200.000 Between € 200.000 and € 350.000 Between € 350.000 and € 500.000 Between € 500.000 and € 650.000 More than € 650.000 1.4 When was your home constructed? 1944 or before 1990 - 1994 1945 - 1959 1995 - 2004 1960 - 1974 2005 - 2008 1975 - 1989 1.5 Which of the following do you expect to happen in your household during the next year? (tick all that apply) We are going to move house We are going to live together Birth of a child One of the children is leaving our home retirement 1.6 Do you, or somebody else in the household, use a car? No Yes, one car Yes, two or more cars If there is more than one car, please answer the following questions for the car which is used for the largest amount of kilometers: 1.7 Below some statements on the use of cars. Could you please indicate in what way you agree with each of these statements? Completely Completely agree disagree 1 2 3 4 5

1.8 1.9

I prefer driving a very economical car I always buy my car second hand What number of kilometers do you drive per year?

....... kilometers What type of car do you own presently? (one answer only) Hatchback (3 or 5 doors) Stationcar Sedan (4 doors) MPV SUV/all terrain car Other Coupé/Cabriolet 1.10 Do you, or somebody else in the household plan to change your car? Yes (may be) a new lease car Yes (may be) a used car Yes, (may be) a new car No

Examination Marketing Research MR2VH1ES02 - 1 2nd year IBMS 2008 2 A research is planned on the use of female cosmetics. Several data are available: o 9% of all females never use cosmetics; they are not to be questioned. o A female person is present in 83% of all households. o The response will be around 65% o They think the percentage of female users who use environmentally-friendly cosmetics will be around 55% o They want to project the percentage of female cosmetic users, who use environmentally friendly cosmetics with a maximum margin of error of 5%. The set up of the research is as follows: take a sample of households, check if there is a woman present, if she uses cosmetics. If yes, ask the questions. State the size of the total sample of female cosmetics users. State the total size of their sample of households.


2.1 2.2 3

The market for ready made meals is divided as follows: fresh: 44.4 %, deep freeze: 40,6 % and sterilized/pasteurized: 15.0 %. Nipo (the National Institute for Public Opinion) has done a research into the reasons for choosing deep freeze products over fresh products. Some 1000 respondents gave their opinion on these reasons for maximally two product groups. The product groups (and the nr. of respondents) were: potato-products (251 respondents), vegetables (300), spices (285), meat and meat products (312), pizza (374) and ready made meals (331). They had to indicate which reasons were applicable in preferring deep freeze products over fresh...
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