Mobiles : Boon or Bane

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Mobile banking Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: February 4, 2013
obilesAdvantages /Multipurpose of Cell Phones
* Through cell phones we can communicate with people far away while doing the necessary work and even when travelling.  * If our hands aren’t free ear phones are provided through which we can talk and hear without the movement of our hands.  * Cell phones can also be used for recreation. There are many games which are available in the software market. We can load them in the mobile phones.  * We can even watch movies in Cell phones just like we watch one in the computer. The movies should just be loaded in to the mobile phones.  * One can listen music and radio

* Take beautiful photographs of your loved one’s
* Send money through mobile banking
* Find the location with GPS
* Can send Text Message ( SMS) 
* Can make word, power point,excel document, store numbers and databases * Reminders for your schedule
* Get latest alerts, get cricket score, breaking news, stock quotes * It can act as torch when there is a power failure
...Thus everywhere you turn,you see people with cell phones. Cell became a multipurpose toy that everyone wants to have it and enjoy. It became part and parcel of everyone in day today life. Life became so easy. Often they may be irritating ,but we cannot imagine life without them. Thus cell phones can be considered as a boon. Disadvantages /Misuse of Cell Phones

But life became so difficult to the people.
* One’s privacy is lost; and were monitored by every one and every moment. Quite recently,with the availability of new camera enabled cell phones,serious debates have occurred ,over the intrusion of privacy. * People also misuse them for illicit purposes like morphing of photographs. People who are criminal in mind take pictures of young ladies and change it as naked, then they send e-mails and thereby they blackmail the ladies. It is a great crime done through cell phones.  * The misuse of cell phones can lead to many unwanted problems. ...
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