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Topics: Mobile phone, Factor analysis, Cellular network Pages: 5 (763 words) Published: November 17, 2008

This study aims at making a comparative analysis of the factors that determine the choice of a consumer purchasing a cell phone i.e. Appearance v/s Functionality and support the findings with statistical evidence.

This research will allow us to predict the future trend of cell phone sales by providing insight into customer preferences and relation between customer profile and desired features.

Research Question

What motivates consumers to buy a particular cell phone?


• Brand
• Style
• Price
• Quality
• Functions
• Dimensions
• Age
• Sex
• Income Group
• Buying behaviour of consumer

Cell phone buyers choose a cell phone to purchase primarily based on features provided.

Conceptual Design

Identification of Research Topic:

The topic was agreed to by mutual agreement of group members in consultation with Prof. A K Jain. This research topic was finalized due to 1. Relevance in current business environment
2. Availability of Secondary data
3. Ubiquitous presence of cell phones in society today facilitating primary research

Secondary Data Collection

Secondary data was collected from:
1. Internet (primarily for framing guidelines for the research) 2. Cell phone reviews in magazines

Questionnaire Design

The backbone of this study is a questionnaire developed after carrying out exploratory research on 60 respondents. The respondents were asked to list 5 factors that they considered while selecting a mobile phone to purchase.

This exploratory research yielded 65 unique parameters using which a questionnaire consisting of 54 variables was developed in consultation with Prof. A K Jain. The questionnaire design was aimed at minimizing biases and randomness. This questionnaire developed has been included as Annexure I with this report.

A seven point Likert scale was used to provide the respondents with a sufficient degree of difference between several options and list their preferences more succinctly as opposed to a 5 point Likert Scale.

1- Least Preferred
7- Most Preferred

Data Collection

After having the questionnaire approved by Prof. A K Jain, we printed 165 copies and got them filled by respondents across varying consumer groups. The survey was carried out at the following locations: 1. MDI campus

2. School
3. Housing Society
4. Sector 14 Market (Gurgaon)

The sample characteristics can be listed as follows:

| |Male |Female |
|Size | | |
|Percentage | | |

Average Age:________ Respondents
Median Income Group:________ Respondents
Median Cell Phone Purchase Price Group: ________ Respondents

Analysis of Data

After the questionnaires were filled out, the data entry and verification was done by 2 teams on 2 disparate sets of data to minimize the possibility of data entry errors. The data was analyzed using SPSS and the factors were determined by using factor analysis.

The Key Findings were as follows:

KMO Value was found out to be around .799

Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis

Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization

Using the criteria of Eigen Value>1, we got initially around 8 factors, which were further reduced to 3 factors, using a rotated component matrix. The three factors were determined to be:

• Variety
• Quality
• Trends

We then used parametric tests: Independent Samples T- Test twice using Age and Sex as grouping variables

Hypothesis with Sex as the grouping variable:

H0: There is no significant difference in the perceptions of the factors among males and females The basic use of this hypothesis is to check there is a significant difference in the factors involved in choosing foreign brands amongst males and...
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