Mobile Phones: A Boon or a Curse?

Topics: Present, Mobile phone, Time Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Mobile Phones”- the master brain of the Japanese is one of the most commonly used thing among the people. The entry of this tiniest thing was a decade ago. Even though the entry of mobile phones were not accepted first, in this present era it has become a part of one’s life. Now a time has arrived that people cannot carry out their lives without this superb discovery of the Japanese. As the years pass by the shapes and size of these mobile phones changes. If we compare the latest mobile phones with the first mobile which came decades ago, we will be very much astonished to see the difference in the models, size and their latest techniques used. With the entry of mobile phones communication with the people has become easier. Now a person has to contact someone urgently, he/she can just take use of their mobile phones and call whomever they want from the same place where there are. Even though mobile phones are very useful, it has both good qualities as well as bad qualities. Like the two sides of a coin, mobile phones are a boon as well as a curse.

According to me mobile phones are a boon to this developing hectic world. With the help of mobile phones communication has become more and easier as well as faster. Now we are able to call a person anywhere in the world from the place we are already present. Due to the new developments in these mobile phones we able to get internet access, update flash news, listen to music as well as hear radio news. Nowadays we don’t have to go to those rushy café hubs to browse anything important. All that we have to do is just go on browsing in our mobile phones. If we are bored we can listen to the music stored in the memory card which we use in the mobile phones. Just go on checking the mobile phones for the latest news happening in the world. Sometimes mobile phones even become the part of many evidences in many cases.

Even though mobile phones are having many advantages it’s having so many disadvantages. In this present...
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