Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Rotary dial Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: September 11, 2011
“Mobile Phones are a Menace”
In this day and age there is no doubt that the capability of mobile phones is simply astounding. However, despite the simplicity and convenience of communication due to the capabilities of modern mobile phones, they have proven to be a menace to society. This is in large part due to the distraction that they play and the laziness that they encourage. These negative side affects have been witnessed in the workplace, schools and even worse, whilst driving vehicles. The consequences of the distractions caused by mobile phones can range from simple to ultimately a deadly consequence. This is supported by dictionary definitions of the term menace also ranging from harmless to possibly lethal. The most risk-free definition is that a menace is “troublesome or annoying” and can be applied in the classroom and the work place. Mobile phones do not create danger in these places, however they are a menace to classmates, workmates, teachers and employers as they can be an obstacle to concentration. An extreme definition of a menace is a “possible danger or threat” which can describe the distraction a mobile phone plays on the road as it diverts and interrupts a driver’s concentration making them the ultimate weapon. As previously mentioned, two venues where mobile phones play a distraction is in the work place and in schools. Texting, calling, listening to music and browsing the internet on mobile phones has been banned in the classroom and in most workplaces as they distract the students and employees from the task at hand and can hinder their education and their work effort. Laziness is also a reason why mobile phones have become a menace with a clear example of this being text language. Text language shortens words for easier mobile phone usage and is so common that in 2006 the New Zealand Qualifications Authority announced that text language will officially be acceptable in the end of year exams. One of the most deadly places that a...
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