Mobile Phone - the Must-Have Gadget

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Cellular network Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Mobile Phone - The Must-Have Gadget
A mobile phone has become the most common gadget now-days. Every little child knows how to operate it. Mobile phones come in many shapes, colors and with different features. Today a mobile phone is very handy because we can get in touch with people at any time, anywhere. A mobile is not only a phone, today it is also a radio, MP3 Player, camera, video camera, video game and a computer. All these features make a mobile phone dearer. We can store a lot of data in the form of songs, mini videos, video clippings, useful information, ring tones, messages etc. We can play a large number of games on the phone. Time really flies by if we have a mobilephone with us. There are a few disadvantages also. The mobile phone is at times misused for taking illegal pictures or making video without the other person’s knowledge and later used for blackmailing etc. The crime rate has gone up with the use of mobile. Technology has given us many comforts and conveniences. However, it is up to us to use it properly. If we are careful enough a mobilephone can be of great use to us all. I strongly say tat mobile phone is an adavantage in today's world. Communication is the base for expressing one's ideas and thoughts n when the communication has to be done between people at differnet places Mobile phones plays the major role. The most important advantage of cell phones is that you can use them almost everywhere without cables or electricity. By using mobile phones, you can communicate with everyone whenever you want and wherever you are. he can get in touch with you by touching a few The Mobile technology used ensures that the system doesnt fails and the communication is established properly thereby making effective communication .
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