Mobile Phone Service Marketing of Grameen Phone Limited: a Study on Effectiveness of Product Policy and Strategy

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Mobile Phone Service Marketing of Grameen Phone Limited: A Study on Effectiveness of Product Policy and Strategy S. M. Akterujjaman[pic]
Abul Kalam[pic]
Md. Arifur Rahman[pic]


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Abul Kalam
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HSTU, Dinajpur

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Mobile Phone Service Marketing of Grameen Phone Limited: A Study on Effectiveness of Product Policy and Strategy Abstract
The present study is basically an attempt to measure the effectiveness of product policy and strategy of Grameen Phone limited. From the findings of the study seven hypotheses are developed where four are accepted and rest three are rejected. The results are Grameen Phone gives frequent services to the customers, its employees show sincere interest in solving customer’s problem, location of the branch of GP is very convenient to get frequent service and it uses modern and updated technology for improving product & service quality where as the behavior of employees of GP is not satisfactory to customer, employees of GP are not willing to help the customer and the personnel’s of GP are not trained enough to serve the customers. The research is primarily based on the collection and analysis of primary data. One hundred twenty respondents are selected as a sample size to conduct the study. Respondents are selected in such a way so that it covers all over the areas in Bangladesh. In some cases Grameen Phone developed perfect policy and strategy where we get better response from the respondents and in some cases they were unable to follow the perfect policy and strategy for that we get dissatisfactory result from the respondents.

Key words: Grameen Phone, Customer, Product and Service, Policy and Strategy, Confidence Level.

Telecommunication media has added a new dimension in modern life. Today nothing is imaginable without this new dimension. In the age of information technology, the mobile phone technology has dramatically changed the life style (Nurruzaman-2008). It is argued by marketers that these new technologies have the capacity to enrich our lives and to improve it in many ways (Risto-2002). Modern telecommunication technology has shaped different forms of Phones, Telegraph, Fax, E-mail, Internet, Pagers, Cellular phone and so on. Since 1991, cellular phone companies in Bangladesh have been playing a vital role in the economic development and life style of the people. In less than twenty years, mobile telephones have gone from being rare and expensive pieces of equipment used by business to a pervasive low-cost personal item. The worldwide telecommunication penetration has made the mobile phones as the convergent factor. The enabling of worldwide communication has a great impact on the consumer’s choice; taste & preferences become similar to each other. On the other hand most of the technological products are become more globalize than that of other consumer goods. In the country like Bangladesh it is becoming more fashion good than a need fulfillment. There are five private companies which have got licensed for this such as Pacific Cellular Company (known as City Cell), Grameen Phone Ltd., TMI (known as Robi), Sheba World Telecom Ltd. (known as Banglalink), and Warid Telecom Ltd. Mobile phones are light, small and pocket size which is easy to port anywhere and anytime. In our country Grameen phone started its network on March 26, 1996. At first the company marketed its pre-paid SIM Cards. Then the company made an agreement with the Grameen Bank in exchange of 10,000/= security money. The company gave the members the opportunity to pay the cost of the phone set through weekly installment. The condition is also now...

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